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New Patient Experience Senior Specialist

at Operations Center

Posted: 12/13/2018
Job Reference #: 16351

Job Description

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Full time
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Business Professional
409002 Lean Operations-Specialist
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The Senior Specialist, New Patient Experience’s primary role is to ensure every patient with a scheduled appointment keeps their appointment by leading the all communication and administrative efforts.   The Senior Specialist, New Patient Experience spends extensive time with the most challenging of patients and caregivers to identify issues and overcome them. These conversations occur based on the patient’s needs and include day, evening and weekend communications.

The Senior Specialist, New Patient Experience capitalizes on converting all patients by acquiring and maintaining knowledge that allows them to serve as a hospital site expert in oncology, treatment offerings, site differentiators, in-depth understanding of insurance, expertise in decision facilitation/sales as well as strong relationship skills to leverage hospital site decision makers and Stakeholder resources for problem-solving barriers that would normally keep prospective patients from keeping their appointment. 

The Senior Specialist, New Patient Experience acquires and maintains extensive knowledge of oncology to include cancer/pathology types, typical course of treatment by stage, treatment options both in general and those offered by their CTCA site, site physician expertise and site key differentiators.   Senior Specialist, New Patient Experience also provides feedback to leadership with suggestions for process improvement at the hospital as well as areas of opportunity for individual Empowerment representatives or the Empowerment Training Team. 


1. Engage in dialogue with approximately 40-50 prospective patients per month to assist with addressing their individual concerns and needs that are barriers to keeping an appointment with our hospital.

  • Scheduled Appointment – Kept Appointment: Leads the effort to ensure every patient keeps their scheduled appointment, by ensuring the cancellation prevention communications plan is executed. Engage in dialogue with prospective patients who have cancelled a previously scheduled appointment to assist with addressing their individual barriers to keeping appointment with our hospital.  Proactively support the CTCA Cancellation Prevention Communications Plan is properly executed to ensure all patients with a scheduled appointment will keep the appointment

2. Work with key stakeholders to problem solve and assist in overcoming a multitude of barriers that are impeding a prospective patient from keeping their appointment which could include:

  • Clinical Experts – Empowerment Nurse Advocate, Nurse Navigation, various clinicians at hospital.
  • Financial Experts –Chief Financial Officer for financial exceptions, Controller, Patient Financial Services Advocates, Financial Counselors, CTCA Verification Team, etc.
  • Hospital Experts – Clinic Managers, Director of Growth, Scheduling, Travel, Transportation, Physician Relations etc. 
  • Misc. Arrangements – Collaboration with CTCA’s Patient to Patient Network, Arrange for Childcare, Pet care, Collaboration with clinic to create more access, etc. 
  • Referring Physician Offices  - Referral Nurses or Physicians 

3. Maintain in-depth knowledge of cancer and CTCA outcomes and value proposition to compel prospective patients to treat as well as CTCA hospital site capabilities and attributes that differentiate our model of care.

4. Provide leadership with suggestion on process improvement at the hospital as well as areas of opportunity for individual representatives and OIS Training.


  • BS/BA degree in Business/Marketing/Healthcare/Hospitality Management or related field required. Substitution may be considered with extensive and unique experience. 
  • Minimum 5 years of strong inside or outside sales experience with a documented history and ability to articulate sales accomplishments in previous positions preferred.  A top sales or performer in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment sales, life insurance, financial services, mortgage brokerage, long-term care insurance or similar industry.  Substitutions to a top sales performer may be considered for clinicians that are achievement oriented and motivated by monthly quotas and company objectives.
  • Proven ability to meet or continually exceed (i.e. month-to-month) individual sales goals or quotas.
  • Familiarity with healthcare services/oncology preferred
  • Familiarity with pathology, medical terminology, oncology treatments preferred
  • Familiarity with insurance benefits preferred


  • Excellent sales skills
  • Excellent organizational skills/funnel management skills
  • Active listening to uncover valuable stated and implied needs and barriers that are could impact making an appointment and/or treating with CTCA. 
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively across multiple disciplines to achieve team goals.
  • Extremely strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Extremely strong interpersonal skills with ability to connect with people over the phone and with key stakeholders within CTCA
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills; Resourceful
  • Self-directed and proactive in planning how work gets done in a team goal-oriented environment.
  • Knowledgeable in cancer, CTCA’s CONNECT sales model, our key differentiators in terms of our care components and treatment options.
  • Strong typing and data entry skills with proficiency using database-driven contact management systems (Salesforce, Outlook, Journeybook, etc.) to manage funnel and update customer files.
  • Tenacity (does not give up when faced with challenges/adversity)
  • Resilience (necessary to build deep personal connections with callers in distress
  • Open to feedback and focused on ongoing self-improvement and development (i.e. coachable).  Also able to provide feedback to others in open and constructive manner.
  • Adaptable to ongoing change in the form of new initiatives, models and processes in response the rapidly changing healthcare market and competition.
  • Internally motivated to help others (i.e. patients, caregivers, team members)
  • Passionate about CTCA’s mission and values
  • Discretion with sensitive information
  • Trustworthy in judgment and decision making